Legal Advices for Your Business Affair October 22, 2018 – Posted in: Blog

When you do business with a client, you expect to be paid for your product or services. But what happens when those payments are late or don’t come at all? If you decide to take legal action, we are ready to serve you. Our experienced lawyers possess the knowledge and skills to handle the legal needs of your company. We provide both pre-legal and legal debt collection services in one hand.

Some Legal Advice for Your Business Affairs

  •  Have a solid contract

No matter if it is your best friend or one of the most respected business companies in your industry, always have a written contract in the place. The contract should address these legal concerns;

  • Payment schedule
  • Terms
  • Payment methods
  • Scope
  • Deadline
  • Late payment policy
  • Agree on a way to resolve disputes

If you are concerned that you will miss something, let us review the paperwork to make sure that everything is in order.

  •  Every paper has to be written.

Although some oral agreements are legal and binding in many situations, they’re often difficult to enforce in court and in some situations, they aren’t enforceable at all.

  • Notice to the debtor.

Send a notice with all details and invoice content, including the amount of receivable.

  • Don’t be late to act.

 When your client is either resisting or ignoring your requests, and you still think the unpaid invoice is worth the trouble, you should not delay starting the legal proceedings.

Our Debt Collection Services in Turkey

 Debt collection litigation and judgment enforcement proceedings are among our specialties.

  • Without execution proceedings.

 First, we try to negotiate out of court. We carry out investigations on the debtor’s financial status. We contact with the debtor to aware that the debt hasn’t been paid. We make it clear that you expect to be paid immediately or a definite commitment as to when payment will be rendered. If they are a debtor, and we contact them, many will just pay without analyzing further.

  • Execution proceedings.

 If there is no payment after the first step we inform you about the proceedings and costs. After your approval, we start immediately the execution proceedings.

If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us.