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We have one open vacancy at the moment.

You may submit your CV and a cover letter for our archive and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Position: Legal manager

• A completed Law Degree• Working experience as a jurist/ lawyer or related profession• Extensive skills in the fields of law of the country of origin, especially in the fields of international trade, insolvency, trade-mark, criminal, investment, insurance and maritime law.• Commitment to a job and a team: we are looking for people who want to commit themselves for a period of at least five years and who want to live in a foreign country.• Perfect English skills in reading, writing and speaking (also in legal jargon)• All-round managing skills• Perfect communication skills• Thorough analytical skills (especially of course in the legal field)• Commercial skills• Good interpersonal (networking) skills• Coaching, motivation and leadership skills• A willingness and eagerness to undergo extra training and schooling• Computer skills (use of MS Word, Internet and Outlook are especially important)

Characteristics we are looking for:
Stress resistant
Committed to a cause
Career oriented
Eager to learn
Team player

Your job will be to actively seek and recruit potential clients, handle legal cases and to give advice to clients. This, whilst working closely together with your colleagues from the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey. When you’re selected, we can offer you part ownership of our lawyer association.The association will hold office in Roosendaal, a medium-sized city in the south-western region of the Netherlands. Roosendaal has an excellent infrastructure with, most importantly, railway connections to Rotterdam, Amsterdam (including Amsterdam airport) and Antwerp.Long-term accommodation on first arrival will be taken care of and you’ll attend a language course Dutch if desired. On the long-term we can offer extra schooling and training. The university of Antwerp has a very suitable course for this purpose;the International and European Legal Studies Programme.

Please write Applications in English, you send your cover letter and CV through e-mail or postal service to the adress below.

Goudse Rijweg 400
3031 CK Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 88 808 78 88