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eLFi debt collection & recovery

Dealing with unpaid accounts receivables can cause difficulties for businesses, resulting in a decrease of cash flow and time consuming activities especially if the debtor is situated in a foreign country. In order to assist businesses that are operating in Turkey, eLFi International has established itself there with a staff of professionals that can assist in retrieving accounts receivables in a quick and reliable fashion. The process of collecting debt in Turkey differs greatly from that of the Benelux region and requires a significant amount of know-how on dealing with regulations and culture. Our presence in both areas allow us to become a reliable partner to provide businesses with an amicable solution for their accounts receivables. In the occasion that a debtor does not respond to our efforts on retrieving payment, we will start legal proceedings to enforce it and are able to represent them in court with our in-house trial lawyers.


eLFi International prefers transparent services, with a no-nonsense approach and clarity towards clients. Therefore, no additional costs are charged to our clients in out of court settlements as these costs and expenses are deemed payable by the debtor.

Transparent services mean; No collection costs, no administrative costs, no other hidden costs, and no registration/subscription costs. We perform work based on a success-fee basis, which means there are no billings until a successful recovery has been made depending on the age of the debt, amount and country, standard rates are between 10 and 15 percent, depending on what is agreed on. After an agreement is signed, a status report will be provided every 15 days to inform the clients about developments that have been made to collect their debt.



Tracing debtors

Generally  debtors pay their debt on time, in some cases it is possible that they refrain from fulfilling their obligation and do a moonlight flit. If the debtor in question is from a foreign country, this makes it even more difficult because it may be possible to trace their whereabouts in order to retrieve payment. eLFi International is specialized and experienced in tracing the location of your debtor, dealing with different types of businesses from various countries over the years that were in need of assistance in finding their debtor, specifically in Turkey.