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Are Turkish Banks & Consumers Ready for Digital Account Opening?

97% of Turkish respondents in new survey say they would open a financial account fully online Turkish banks are engaged in a debate about how far they will go in using biometrics to identify new customers when they open accounts, an important enabler of digital account opening. Indications from the Turkish regulator in March 2020 seem to be supportive, and legal interpretation is ongoing. While some banks are pressing ahead and realizing the benefits of…

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Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Checks

During the holidays and the huge sales thereafter is a hot time for bad checks. It’s certainly not limited to holiday time, but it seems that criminals take a liking to the holiday season in ways that wreck it for the rest of us. No business is immune. Large, small or mid-sized, every company must take precautions. A few tips from Costco Service Provider Harland Clarke can help you and your employees spot fraud before…

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Chinese Law Overview in General and in the Context of Company Law

Chinese Law Overview in General and in the Context of Company Law Current constitution which was adopted in 1982 National People’s Congress It has a supreme organ of state power Amend the constitution by two thirds majority Promulgate legislation Elect and remove highest-level officials Budget determination Control economic and social development planning Supervises the government However, since the overwhelming majority of the seats is held by the communist party and the rest are held by…

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