International Investigations

We provide timely and complete investigation services of high quality to meet the clients specific needs. We are able to carry out investigations in Turkey, the Netherlands and Belgium. Reasonable fees and quick reliable results are the strengths of eLFi International.

Our professional investigators are qualified and experienced in handling cases with care and exactness to obtain good results while at the same time checking expenses. The facts concerning each assignment will be quickly and diligently obtained and the client will be provided with a reliable and impartial report of all the facts concerning the case. Assignments are carried out at all times within the limits of the law.

Elfi International carries out the following type of investigations:

* Insurance Claims Verification
* Fraud investigation
* Researching data of the other party
* Assets investigation
* Missing persons
* Capability research
* Event research
* Investigations of persons and companies
* Witness interviews
* Scene photography
* Gathering evidence for legal cases
* Road accident inquiries
* Vehicle theft investigations
* Research at service providers and agencies such as police and court (about criminal cases and the status of files with legal actions)
* Criminal reports
* Second opinion consultation