eLFi International Credit Management

eLFi International is specialized in difficult accounts receivable collections in the Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium and Luxembourg. A consistent and effective approach along with an amicable solution is our desired outcome, and in order to achive this your debt collection order will be placed and finalized within 8 weeks. We would be pleased to run the collection process in consultation with you.

Debt Recovery Collections

Practice shows that the majority of debtors pay in time or with a short delay. Fortunately, in general, it is only a relatively small group that fails to pay on time. However this may mean an enormous loss for your business operations, caused by the decrease in cash stream.

We work as much as possible towards getting a direct payment from debtors by reaching an amicable solution, with the aim to avoid Legal proveedings that will cost time and money.

We are your experienced partner in the field of accounts receivable collection. An effective approach geared to your needs is central in this respect. The collection of outstanding debts abroad requires specific knowledge and experience with local culture, legislation and habits. Culture and language differences often constitute as an obstacle for businesses that operate abroad, which makes it difficult to receive payments from these accounts receivables.

We are the right agency for you to enforce payment on time, and would be pleased to put our experience of many years with different countries and companies at your disposal.

Legal and Financial Advice

eLFi International provides advice concerning accounts receivables by using an extensive international network of credit managers, debt collection solicitors and legal & financial advisors, as a result of which you will always receive sound advice.

Trade Information and Information with regards to recovery

We cooperate with various agencies in the Netherlands and abroad, so we can provide you information about the creditworthiness of your business relationships and the possibilities to recover outstanding debts from your debtor, with the objective of reaching and amicable solution in order to avoid harming your existing business relations. This way you will be able to continue doing business and avoid unnecessary costs and possbile harm to your business relations.

Tracing Debtors

It is possible that debtors do a moonlight flit, ELFi International is experienced in tracing the whereabouts of your debtors and providing effective and correct information with the assistance of our research & investigation department.


Today, being a business-owner involves enough costs and risks as it is. ELFi International Credit Management prefers transparent services, a no-nonsense approach and clarity Towards clients. Therefore, there are no additional costs charged to our clients in out of court settlements as these costs and expenses are deemed payable by the debtor.
Transparent services mean; No collection costs, no administrative costs, no other hidden costs, and no registration/subscription costs.

Deb collection is carried out with the objective of achieving an amicable result. We perform work based on a success-fee basis, which means there are no billings until a succesful recovery has been made depending on the age of the debt, amount and country. Standard rates are between 10 and 15 percent, dependent on what is agreed upon. After an agreement is signed, you will be provided with a status report every 15 days.

Information and Investigation Costs

If the occasion arises that an amicable settlement is is not deemed possible, we can investigate whether there are other means of collecting from your debtor. Costs of this information vary, depending on the type of investigation and the country where it has to be carried out. Information about the costs are available upon request.

Court Costs

If there are sufficient means of recovery, in other words, if your debtor has sufficient funds and/or assets to pay the debt, you have the option of taking legal steps against your debtor. The costs of these Proceedings vary depending on the country in question, for information on this subject matter along with the costs we are ready to provide you with an answer.
If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us through e-mail: info@legal-finance.com