International Claims & Legal Services

Elfi International provides complete claim solutions, including research & investigation and origin of liability on any occurrence with trained loss adjusters, to serve our marine and non-marine clients dealing with the Green Card system, Disputes, International Claims, Product Liability and Medical policy claims.

We specialize in assessing the Insured’s / Insurer’s liabilities, negotiate in order to reach an amicable settlement and perform collection of claims from negligent parties where liability is present. More often we are instructed to survey damages, prepare an adjustment, negotiate for an amicable settlement and obtain a final release.

Our fields of expertise

* Personal liability
* Product liability
* Personal Injury claims
* Traffic accidents
* Transport damages
* Cargo damages ( marine and inland transit )
* Workers compensation claims
* Construction (all Risks)
* Property ( fire, burglary, flood, earthquake & explosions )
* Marine ( H & M, war, pollution, General average ..etc .)
* London / Newyork dispute resolution & arbitration.

Additional services

* Insurance claims verification
* Fraud investigation
* Data research on opposite party ( e.g. address and neighbourhood research )
* Missing persons
* Capability research
* Event research
* Investigation of persons and companies
* Witness interviews
* Scene photography
* Gathering evidence for legal cases
* Road accident inquiries
* Vehicle theft investigations
* Research at service providers and agencies such as police and the court ( about criminal cases and status of files with legal actions)

Non Marine Services

Loss Adjustments

Our loss adjustments services include, analyzing special policy provisions to address loss of use, Expediting expense, additional expenses coverage and business interruption.

Risk Management

We are available to assess the risk management of your property regarding the proper coverage, property valuation and contingency planning to better prepare it in case of a future loss.

Claims Prevention

We provide pre-risk surveying in various areas such as Logistic Centres, Transport Vehicles, Parking Areas and Transport facilities.

Recovery Services

We insure that any claim recovery is quickly sought through, after the party where liability has been established is properly identified.

Our recovery services typically eliminate the need for expensive litigation, and the use of insurance solicitors to collect from responsible third parties.

In addition to loss inspection, Elfi International provides extensive service with regards to potential loss situations prior to their occurance.

* Determining third-party accountability
* Securing proper documentation
* Maintaining confidential database and customizing reports
* Utilization of experts
* Recovery without litigation

Key Benefits ;
* Presence at place of occurence to deal with collection of recoverable proceeds
* Working familiarity with local court system and local culture.
* Protection of subrogation rights.

Consultancy & Litigation

Consultancy & Litigation
Elfi International provides both consultancy and litigation, whatever the type of claim, property loss, damage or personal injury you are dealing with, ReClaims International can quickly assemble the right team of specialists to settle the claim and also prevent future loss.Visit their website for more information

Our tariffs ;

The terms of consulting services are ( €185.- excl.vat ) with a handling fee which is (€350.- excl.vat) of our insurance solicitors, and/or an inquiry/project according to case/file, with the approval of your office. Our follow-up for actions of debts of your company is 15% of the collected debts .We may also agree upon a collection percentage according to which the fee will be calculated on a contracted percentage of the collection amounts.

Our Solicitors are specialized in International Insurance Law,Right’s ,Creditor and Commercial Law, International Litigation and Civil Law.