Our mission

We are a team of professionals in the legal field facilitating international legal support and debt collection services to companies and government authorities all around the world. We are always available for contact and strive to stimulate international trade in our covered regions. We offer broad and coordinated legal, claims and credit management services, forming a single access point as a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Our Vision

Our aim to serve as a bridge for organizations,assisting them in overcoming Legal and commercial difficulties when conducting business outside of their domestic country, so they can focus on their core operations and continue to succeed in reaching their aspirations.

Our principles
Ethical values and social responsibility guide us through accomplishing our duties: Business will be conducted while fostering and maintaining respect and confidentiality of our clients. Laws and regulations will be strictly observed in the name of good relations with the authorities. Cases will be handled efficiently,speedily, correctly and professionally. The firm’s integrity will be held in high regard at all times.